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The best paper nominees for IVA 2020:

“Let’s face it: Probabilistic multi-modal interlocutor-aware generation of facial gestures in dyadic settings”, Patrik Jonell, Taras Kucherenko, Gustav Eje Henter and Jonas Beskow (Best Paper Award Winner)

“A framework to co-optimize task and social dialogue policies using Reinforcement Learning”, Florian Pecune and Stacy Marsella

“The 19 Unifying Questionnaire Constructs of Artificial Social Agents: An IVA Community Analysis”, Siska Fitrianie, Merijn Bruijnes, Deborah Richards, Andrea Bönsch and Willem-Paul Brinkman

About IVA:

Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) Annual Conference is the premier international event for interdisciplinary research on the design, application, and evaluation of Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) with a specific focus on the ability to socially interact.

IVA 2020 is the 20th meeting of an interdisciplinary annual conference and the main leading scientific forum for presenting research on the modeling, development and evaluation of Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) with a specific focus on communicative abilities and social behavior. IVAs are interactive characters that exhibit human-like qualities including communicating using natural human modalities such as facial expressions, speech and gesture. IVAs are also capable of real-time perception, cognition, emotion and action that allows them to participate in dynamic social situations. In addition to presentations on theoretical issues, the conference encourages the presentation of working applications.

IVA 2020 aims to showcase cutting-edge research on the design, application, and evaluation of IVAs, as well as the basic research underlying the technology that supports human-agent interaction such as social perception, dialog modeling, and social behavior planning.

Special IVA 2020 Theme: Exploring Connections across Disciplines.

Across computer science, robotics, psychology and the commercial world, there has been a rapid growth in the research, development and application of artificial social agents. Computer scientists and roboticists are researching graphics-based and physical social agents. Psychologists and neuroscientists are using these artifacts in laboratory experiments in order to study our interaction with them as well as to use them as confederates in the study of human behavior. Companies are actively developing similar technologies. IVA 2020 welcomes researchers and developers across disciplines to share their work on the challenges and uses of social agent research, in the hope to further trans-disciplinary collaboration.

Who Should Attend?

Students, academics and industry professionals with an interest in learning about and presenting the most cutting-edge research conducted today in the multi-disciplinary field of intelligent virtual agents. Advances in IVA research are enabling increasingly autonomous agents that are now being utilized across a growing number of fields, including counseling, entertainment, medicine, the military, psychology and teaching. Researchers from the fields of human-human and human-robot interaction are also encouraged to share work with a relevance to IVAs.

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