Microsoft Research Platform for Situated Intelligence

In this exhibit, we will present an open-source framework called Platform for Situated Intelligence (or \psi in short) that enables the rapid development and study of multimodal, integrative-AI systems. The framework provides programming models, primitives, and tools that enable and accelerate the development of applications that process streams of data and in which timing is critical. The framework is particularly well-suited for developing multimodal and physically situated interactive systems that perceive and reason about their surroundings in order to better interact with people, such as social robots, virtual assistants, smart meeting rooms, etc. We will illustrate the code involved in building a simple \psi application, demonstrate the tools used for debugging and visualization, and discuss the framework’s implications for the IVA community.

Poster Session 2: Tuesday, 19:00 UTC+0
Poster Session 6: Wednesday, 23:00 UTC+0
Poster Session 8, Tuesday, 19:00 UTC+0