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Accepted papers and abstracts must pay the Presentation Fee to ensure their accepted submission is published and their presentation is scheduled. This fee has to be paid once per paper. There is no attendance fee for presenters, but additional attendees must pay the Attending Only Fee.

The early payment of the Presentation Fee is critical because the conference organizers will be scheduling open recording sessions with the presenters to ensure a smooth running conference.

Please note that Presentation Fees are charged per presentation. The presenter of a paper is expected to provide the ID and the title of each paper or abstract they are presenting when paying the Presentation Fee(s). Please enter this in the paper ID and title field on the Registration Payment Page.

Categories and costs are given below (all prices are in British Pounds). Please register early. It makes our task easier.

Registration Rates (valid until 10th October, 2020 23:59 BST):

• ACM Member Presentation (Paper or Abstract) – £135
• Non ACM Member Presentation (Paper or Abstract) – £175
• Attending Only Registration – £35

Late Registration Rates after 10th October:

• Presentation (Paper or Abstract) – £250
• Attending Only Registration – £50

It will take up to 24 hours to process a registration.