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Paper submissions should be anonymous and prepared in the “ACM Standard” format, more specifically the “SigConf” format.

– The LaTeX template for the “ACM Standard”/”SigConf” format can be found inside the official 2017 ACM Master article template package. Please use the most recent version available at:

– The “ACM Standard” Microsoft Word template is currently not part of the downloadable package as the ACM is currently revising it to improve accessibility of resulting PDF-documents. Please use the “Interim Word Template” instead as per the instructions in:

Submission Tracks

IVA 2020 offers two submission tracks:

Full papers: 8 pages (including references)

Extended abstracts: 3 pages (including references)

All papers must be submitted in PDF-format.

Accepted submissions will be published in the ACM proceedings. Accepted Full Papers, and select Extended Abstracts, will be included in moderated online panel sessions, spread out across the conference week. Papers rejected at the first submission round (deadline 15th of June) may be invited to submit a revision by the second submission round (deadline 9th of August). The second submission is also open for new submissions.

Second Round Resubmissions

If authors submitted a paper in the first submission round and were invited by the IVA 2020 Program Chairs to make improvements and resubmit (either to the same or a different track) on the second round, please provide in the submission form the original submission ID, as well as a response to how the reviewers’ comments and suggestions were addressed in the revised manuscript.

Paper Categories

To help with the reviewing process, we ask authors to select a category that best describes their submission. If more than one category applies, authors should select the one that they believe better represents the main contribution of the paper. The following categories are available:

  • Computational Model: the paper presents a novel computational model addressing an aspect of agent design.
  • Application: the paper presents a real-world application of virtual agent technology.
  • Experimental Study: the paper presents a human subject experimental study.
  • Theory: the paper proposes new theoretical material on the subject of IVAs.
  • Other: choose this option only when the paper does not fit any of the above categories.

Double Blind Review

All submissions will be double-blind peer-reviewed by a group of external expert reviewers. Please make sure to anonymize your submission by removing all authorship and personal information, as well as removing / editing all links to websites or repositories that could personally identify any of the authors.

Supplementary Material

IVA 2020 does not contemplate the upload of supplementary material. If necessary to direct readers to supplemental data, we encourage authors to host such material in a public repository and add a link to it in the paper.

Note on Authorship

Authorship should not change between the submitted and final versions of a paper unless in exceptional circumstances (which shall be approved by the conference organizers).